It is that time of year, when we take stock of the things in life that we’re thankful for.  Please share what you’re thankful for at the end of the post!

2.  My Children

So I thought having kids was all about playing games with them, doing holidays up for them and going to the park.  Boy was I wrong.  My kids have already put me through the ultimate lessons in child psychology.  I have learned so much about kids, myself and how to get us to work together as a team. My kids have taught me how to be more patient than I ever thought possible and the deepest love I have ever known.  My kids have led me to discovering what is most important in life: their well being.

3.  My Family

I think we might have one of the smallest families (and extended families) ever but you couldn’t find a more caring group of people.  My parents and in-laws are loving , caring and accepting of my children for who they are.  My brother’s sense of humor always brings me back to “real” place. He’s hilarious.  My only wish is that I had more time to see everyone, cousins, aunts, uncles and immediate family.

4.  Good Friends

I am blessed with more wonderful friends than a person could hope for.  Friends who are understanding of our circumstances in life and love us anyways.  So to all of those awesome people who invite us over but know that things might end with a kid throwing a tantrum: thank you!!!

5.  Health

Health problems seem to be a negative a recurring problem in my family’s life.  Without turning this post negative, I want to offer my thanks for every day when good health and healing are in our favor.  Good health is the best wealth.  Good health is worth more than all the money in the world.   When your life is turned upside down by medical problems without any obvious solutions, no amount of money in the world can change things back.

6.  Kind Strangers

Nice people make my heart smile.  Thank you to everyone out there who does their best to make the world a better place through random kind deeds.

7.  Mistakes

Mistakes are short term setbacks that create opportunities to learn something new.  For every major mistake I’ve made, I’m thankful for the lessons learned.  Mistakes offer new opportunities and chances for growth and change.

8.  Good Books

Slipping into somebody else’s world for a while is relaxing and therapeutic.  Good books are one of life’s greatest treasures.

9.  NatureSunset

Going camping, hiking, walking, jogging or playing in the great outdoors is a blessing.  Nature is wild and beautiful with her deserts, mountains, sea shores, valleys and myriads of other landscapes.  She is untamed and beautiful; a force to be reckoned with.  Nature is a gift.

10.  Life’s Challenges

Without a bump in the road we might have the ill conceived notion that life is simple.  Learning to deal with ongoing challenges with grace makes us kind, thoughtful and compassionate of others.  So say a little prayer of thanks to the challenges in life.  The challenges help us realize there is a big world out there filled with people who are experiencing similar things.

This list could go on and on since there are so many things in life that are fantastic.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I encourage you to add to this list below!