Monster Trucks

It was a surprisingly cool night.  Thankfully we brought jackets despite our doubts that it would ever get very cold.  The announcer was talking away, filling the ever cooler air with noise as we waited.

D was ready.  He had his ear muffs on, his sweatshirt on and a full tummy of food.  His attention was focused completely on the arena in front of us.  Not much was happening, but what was coming was so exciting that there was no way to tear his attention away from the arena.  We  did our best to prepare him for what would happen.  We warned him that it would be loud and that he needed to wear the headphones the whole time.  Both boys were warned that we would sit out in the car if their behavior was out of control.

The announcer’s pitch and speed of speech increased.  Several motorcycles took center stage on the dirt arena.  They revved their engines and began racing around the arena, picking up speed to prepare for the impossibly high jumps in the center.  The first person lifted off the jump effortlessly and rolled down the billowy, air filled landing area without any problems.  The next rider went off the jump, and amazed the crowd again.  The jumps increased in complexity until the riders were going off of them at the same time, letting go of the bikes with their legs and then landing back on the bike AND the ground without incident.  Gasps of amazement shuddered through the large crowd.

monster trucks www.autismmom.netThen finally, the moment we were all waiting for: the first monster trucks entered the arena.  Everyone was cheering.  I looked over at D to make sure he was ok.  He was staring in wide eyed amazement.  When the competition between the first two monster trucks began, D was still very quiet watching the amazing sight of these impossibly huge vehicles roar across the arena.  Our seats were nearly eye level with the arena so the view was spectacular.

Wide eyes and big smiles.  Only a bit of pesty fidgeting when the time approached 10pm.  Our friend’s children were just as impressed as our kids were.  A night’s worth of entertainment, nearly no whining and zero tantrums.  What a great way to spend a weekend night!  We’re looking forward to the next monster truck show since we now know what preparation we need to do to make sure that D can enjoy it.