When Will It Unravel?

Maybe I’m just negative but probably I just know my children too well.  When things go too smoothly I wonder, when is this going to unravel?

Yesterday morning both boys woke up at reasonable times.  They both got dressed without argument, sat down for breakfast without a complaint.  They got their teeth brushed and put their shoes on.  I even, (gasp of delight), brushed my teeth without anybody fighting!

Could I enjoy the moment?  Yes.  It was like a decadent chocolate.  I needed to be savored and enjoyed.  Not only had the kids been well behaved but we were going to be on time today!  Everything was perfect. But like all delicious chocolates, wonderful moments melt and fade away into reality.  This thought sat in the back of my mind as I loaded the kids in the car.  When is this going to fall apart?

It started with the smallest complaint.  Just a whine.  “I want my bunny.”  And then my refusal, “I’m sorry, we don’t have time to get it. You already have 3 blankets.”  And then, like pulling a loose thread in a sweater, it all unraveled.  The storm clouds rolled in. Thunder and lightening boomed and flashed in the garage as I tried to get a screaming little boy into his car seat.

Now I know people say, “Enjoy those times when they’re little.  They go by too fast.”

Yes, it is true that the years fly by fast but I can’t figure out why moments when the kids scream at the top of their lungs seem to go by more slowly than the good times.  Listening to a child scream in close confines for 30-45 minutes at a time is akin to torture.  I might be more tolerant of such behavior if it wasn’t how I spent the majority of the time with my children. It might even be humorous (haha, remember that one time when the little one threw a tantrum at the restaurant) if I had a few less stories like this to share.

One day.  One day we’ll get into that car and there’ll be no drama. When that day comes I will burn it into my memory, “The perfect day.  The day when things didn’t unravel.”