In America, there are two kinds of people, who know the signs of autism and who don’t. Although the rate of those who are aware of autism and autism has been seen in the United States has risen from 29% to 58% according to recent research; 82% of the participants do not know the signs of autism. This study of autism perception and level of knowledge has been renewed in the autism awareness charity of the ending country. 82% of the participants do not know the signs of autism.

In 2017, a new survey conducted across the United States, the percentage of respondents who stated that they were newborns in 2015 was 29%, while the percentage of those who were interviewed in 2017 increased to 58%. However, it was found that 82% of the participants, who stated that they were autism, did not know the signs of autism.

The autism statement can be noticed in the first six months of life. These symptoms include not having an eye contact with others, not being interested in the games the peers play, being stuck in the eyes, not looking or not reacting when the name is said, walking at the fingertips, repeating the words, not showing what they want with their fingers, swinging, There are complicated behaviors. Although the causes of autism are not yet fully understood, it is very important for parents to show their children different behaviors according to their peers and to apply to a psychiatrist who specializes in autism without losing time in case they observe signs of autism.

The prevalence of autoimmunity is increasing at a rapid pace

While the prevalence of autism in 1985 was 2,500 children, this rate has now been reduced to one in every 68 children. It is a fact that the symptoms of autism and its treatment are not fully known, even though the frequency of autism is increasing at such a rapid rate. Early diagnosis, autism education and treatment should not be ignored as it is possible for the individual to socialize and approach the same quality of life as his / her peers.

Proportion of children with autism in America

It is a fact that one in every 68 children in our country is born with the risk of autism and a child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes. Despite these ratios, what is the cause of autism in America, how it symptoms and treatment is not known exactly. One in every 68 children in the world is autism, and when 4 million 568 thousand family members affected by autism are added, it is better understood how many people influence quality of life. If the awareness and awareness of autism is so low that it affects so many people and the frequency of sightings is so low, the results of the investigations are revealed.