The Inspiration to Write

The well of inspiration to write has dried up like a desert.  It has become too difficult to find the time or enthusiasm for it at this time.  While I likely won’t be adding many, if any more blog entires at all, I plan to keep this site up for a while.

When I was adding posts on a daily basis, my goal was to write informative, positive (mostly) and /or humorous vignettes and articles on the subject of autism. Since the articles are still viewed frequently I will keep things rolling along (doing basic management of the site through updates etc.).  I will not respond to any of the comments so I will remove ALL comments from now on.  Please don’t spam my site with garbage linkbacks.  There are none allowed on my site now, nor will there ever be.  To the considerate commentator, I won’t be checking comments or the email associated with this site.  Just reading my articles is will need to be enough :-)

Thanks again for reading my stories and spreading the positivity about autism.

I am one fortunate mom to be blessed with two fantastic sons; to be given such unique perspectives of the world through two different little people’s eyes…  From the same parents but totally unique in their thoughts and perceptions of the world.

Our life keeps going, just as lives do.  Things get better, as everything does in life.  Hopefully one day I will take back my enthusiasm for writing prolifically. At this time, I have dedicated my time to other pursuits.  Thanks for your support and happy reading!