Social Stories Resources

This is a list of several online resources for pre-made or easy to customize social stories.  I’ll be updating this page as I find other great resources (both paid and free)

Sandbox Learning

Sandbox Learning has excellent social stories that can be highly customized.  Because their stories are very high quality, they charge a yearly fee for each story you need.  The rates are reasonable and if you teach special education, having access to certain stories for a whole year can be very beneficial.  Some of the topics they cover are: Trying new foods, going to the doctor, using hands appropriately, feeling frustrated, making good choices.  There are many more topics available on their site.

Easy Social

Easy Social Stories provides high quality, paid social stories.  The author is interested in helping parents with what they need so contact her if you don’t see a story that meets your individual needs.

Carol Gray

If you’re looking for excellent gold standard social stories, then check out Carol Gray’s site.  Her site has social stories and many other resources including how to write social stories and other tips.  Her books are not free but well worth the price.

Awesome Autism Social Stories

This is my site where I am writing downloadable social stories.  Most cost $5.00 or less. I can tell you that include high quality writing and have great photographs.  Please check out my site at:

Social Stories

Social Skills

If you scroll halfway down this web page there are some great free, printable social stories.  It is worth checking out for some free social stories.

 The Watson Institute

The Watson Institute is a school in Pennsylvania that has a page dedicated to social stories.  The stories are free and downloadable.  They can be customized on Word.  These stories mainly use icons that are easy to understand, paired with words and pictures that you can insert into the story.

Child Behavior

This site has several social stories to choose from.  You have to scroll half way down the page to get to the stories, however.  If you need free social stories, this might be a good place to start.

 Kids Can Dream Autism Web Site

This site was made by a young lady who has two brothers on the spectrum.  She has compiled a list of resources to help others including two pages of social stories.  I linked to the first page of social stories.  The topics range from manners, figures of speech, going to the doctor, or going to school.  Watch out for broken links, though… I’m not sure how recently this page was updated and there are many  broken links.  Even with that said, the free stories that are available might be helpful.