Starting a Gluten and Casein diet can be difficult but not impossible. Gluten is most commonly found in wheat, rye and barley, and is sometimes found in oats grown near the gluten-containing grains or processed with the same device.

Casein is found in dairy products; wheat and milk constitute a large part of most people’s eating habits. One of the biggest obstacles the family faces is that they want these products as an addict after their gluten-free and uneventful nutrition. In fact, the families are often informed of various deprivation statements, such as a deprivation of the same drug addict after the gluten-free and uneventful start of feeding

Gluten-Casein Free Diet

Many families are worried about cutting wheat and dairy products because they are the products most commonly consumed by children and are generally known to be very important in the community. However, a child who consumes only or mostly wheat or dairy products may show a significant improvement after the gluten-free and accident-free diet has started. Many families have observed that their children’s menu choices have increased since they began eating gluten-free and casual.

Some people are seeing an immediate improvement, but it takes six months for the gluten to be completely removed from the body, and one month for the casein. Defenders of the diet suggest that you should try your diet for at least one year, as some children may have a healing period of up to a year to be seen. It is claimed that the diet makes changes in the body at the cellular level and heals in the stomach and intestines, which can take time in both cases.

History of Gluten Casein Diet

Dr. Karl Ludwig Reichelt claims that the gluten-casein diet is a peptic with diabetes and worsening the symptoms of children with digestive disorders. These peptides are carmine and gluten exflammins that affect the brain. The first advocate of this possible link between digestive disorders and autism is the combined gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who himself describes this controversial situation as autistic enterocolitis. Dr. According to Reichelt, it is seen that there is a visible improvement in the symptoms of individuals suffering from autism or Asperger who use the diet to avoid these peptides. Diet is known as gluten-free and caseless. Some doctors see diet as the main effect of treatment, but in addition many other treatments are necessary.

The Theory Between Gluten and Casein Diet

The molecular structure of partially indigestible proteins is known as peptides and resembles drugs. Such peptides are thought to have effects in the brain and nervous system, such as drugs (i.e. morphine, heroin). After prolonged exposure, these drug peptides affect the developing brain and behaviors as if they were affected by the same drug substance. These drug peptides are kazomorphins and gluten exfoliants and glidorphins in gluten.

Digestive problems are common concurrent (add) disorders in the autism spectrum, and some people see it as evidence for the theory of “leaky intestinal syndrome” as the cause of autism. Some also think that gluten-free and accident-free diets treat symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders, not cause.